Road Blocks to Full Time RV Living

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The ultimate goal is to become a travel blogger.

This is my road to full-time RV living. Just like in life, there are roadblocks and detours that are hindering my pathway to that goal. These are those roadblocks that must be overcome, driven over, plowed down, or gone around – somehow.

How will I overcome these obstacles?

  • Finances – Money is always a problem. How will I ever make enough money to survive? What if I don’t have money for gas, docking fees, or insurance? How will I make money on the road? Soon, the posts to follow will explain how I am going to make money on the road.
  • Fear – Fear is something that I’ve battled my whole life. I’m afraid to fail, afraid of what other people might think, afraid of a lot of things. Overcoming fear is a constant battle in my life. As the weeks and months unfold, you’ll see how I battle fear.
  • Doubt – I doubt that I am capable of becoming a successful blogger. I doubt that anyone will follow this blog, read my books, or interact with my words. Doubt says that I am not smart enough, strong enough, or brave enough to go out and make my dreams happen. I may not know a lot now but I can and will learn.
  • Tradition – Full-time RV living is very nontraditional. It isn’t something that most people aspire to. There is an entire community of people who live this lifestyle. Tradition says to buy a house, get a job, and live happily ever after – only I’m not happy. I’ve never been a traditionalist. I think outside of the box and soon I will live outside of the box.

As if those weren’t enough, there is also:

  • Family Connections – It is difficult to say goodbye to family and friends. It could be months before I see them again. I won’t be meeting them at the coffee shop or going out for a beer. I’m okay with this but others just don’t get it. I miss my parents now and only see them a few times a year. This will not change but I will find ways to stay in touch.
  • Homeownership – I own a house but will need to sell it and all of its contents. This could prove to be more difficult than I hope. I have antiques, family heirlooms, and “things” that have meaning. It could be difficult to let go of the stuff but I’ve never liked clutter anyway.
  • Expectations – Overcoming what is expected of me by defying the negative comments, odd expressions, and eye-rolling mean that I’ll have to walk away from conversations. Family and friends expect me to get a job, even if I’m miserable. I’m expected to sit in my home and just be grateful to have a job that pays the mortgage even if I hate my life. I must defy these expectations.

I must get past the roadblocks to full-time RV living if I am going to be happy for the rest of my life.

Getting passed the roadblocks means listening to my inner voice. Moving on means following my passions and defying the odds. This blog is the unfolding of that adventure, the one that gets me past the roadblocks and on to full-time RV living.

“Find what you truly love and build your life around it.” Pastor Jentezen Franklin  clues to your assignment

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