Animarathon Review My Perspective

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How do you begin your adventure if you don’t have a lot of money, an RV, or the means to travel? You find your way around your own town. Everyone must follow their dreams; even if it means starting small. This is my Animarathon Review.

This weekend I started my adventure by taking my daughter to an event that I knew she would love. It’s called Animarathon. It was a convention that took place at Bowling Green State University. This year marks the 16th year of its production. The event was fun but also chaotic. In my Animarathon review, I’d like to say that there were many pros and cons:


  1. Fun
  2. Costumes
  3. Vendors
  4. Products
  5. Special guests
  6. Music and gaming
  7. Comfortable atmosphere
  8. Two-day event


  1. Over-crowded
  2. Chaotic
  3. Overpriced
  4. Lack of direction
  5. No accountability
  6. Age specific
  7. lacked professionalism
  8. lacked organization

Perhaps this is my age screaming out, but the event was, in my opinion, geared towards the college crowd. If you are over 30, this might not be your thing. If you are into anime, no matter what the age, then go. It is absolutely for you. Animarathon is not the same as Comicon. Don’t expect it to be.

Cute and Fun

There were plenty of attendees in costume. This was cute and fun. Seeing the many creative cosplay ideas was eye catching. Many costumes were handmade. The creative ideas were endless. I saw a man dressed like a toilet, another person in a dinosaur costume, and a girl dressed as her favorite anime character. Both men and women dressed the part which made the atmosphere all the more fun.

On the positive side, there was plenty of free parking, places to eat, comfortable seating. There were special guests, music rooms, and gaming for all. The vendors were plenty. There were lots of things to see and buy, artists selling their original work, and some collectibles.

Animarathon Review; My Personal POV

Now, this is my Animarathon review and therefore, my perspective – how do I say that this event aged me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that I went but it was not my scene. I felt like the old lady in the room; definitely out of my element. I wish my teen had friends to hang out with and have fun. As I scanned the room, I realized just how out of touch with the college aged generation that I am.

Nevertheless, it was a great day. In total, I spent $40 at the event and we got t-shirts. After the event we picked up coffee which didn’t cost me anything because I used a gift card from Christmas. We went to the local comic book store where my daughter spent $20 (of her own money) on books. Lastly, home for leftover fried rice and (because we were so inspired) we watched A Pixar Story.

The lesson learned – anyone can find adventure anywhere.

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