How I save money for my travel adventure

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How I save money for my travel adventure

We have talked about finances as a roadblock to full-time RV living which means I will frequently discuss money issues to include, how I save money for my travel adventures. I have sacrificed a lot to get myself out of debt, I have no credit cards, and I watch my spending, but I am determined to pay cash for that motorhome, so I am cutting corners in as many creative ways as I can think of to meet my goal.

How I save money for my travel adventure begins with knowing how much I need, to pay cash for the RV. As of right now, I have my eyes set on a Class A, Thor Vegas. It is the right size for me and my dogs but, it is priced from $75,000 – $85,000, depending on the model number and season.

There are many ways to save money for my travel adventure, even though I am on a tight budget.

The first step for anyone is to get that debt paid off. I try to remember that every cent put toward the debt is one step closer to travel dreams. For me, I have a daughter to support which means unexpected expenses. The first thing I did after I decided that we needed to be on a budget so that I can save for my RV, was to see how much money we are actually spending every month.

It turns out that after the mortgage, groceries are our number one expense. I will never save money for my travel adventure if I don’t get that bill down. You see, we both have food allergies and are forced to buy organic, gluten/dairy/soy/corn – free. Well, there is nothing FREE about this kind of food. Month after month we were spending almost $1,000 just on groceries. We don’t eat out except the occasional bun-less, cheese-less, Five Guys burgers. So, all of that money was going to the grocery store. Something had to be done to keep me out of that store.

To save on groceries I did two things:

First, I joined Ibotta

Second, I became a member of Thrive Market.

Doing just these two things have helped me save for my travel adventure. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars simply because I no longer go into the store and browse up and down every aisle. Have you ever been to Walmart for milk and bread and end up spending $100 on stuff you thought you needed? Before I leave the house, I make a list on the “Out of Milk” app, checkmark my coupons from Ibotta, and rush in and rush out. Because I have joined Thrive Market, I need only buy meat, fresh veggies, milk, and eggs. I know right where they are, so I am no longer spending an hour in the grocery store. I refuse to go to Walmart or Meijer, instead choosing to stick with Kroger for the gas credit; which is another way that I can save money.

Fresh Farmer’s Market Food

Soon the farmer’s markets will open up and the only thing I need the grocery store for is milk. This will help me to further save money for my travel adventure. I buy Silk brand almond coconut blend, unsweetened. If I could order this online, I would. Something I have been meaning to check out is the new Amazon Fresh. If you are using this Amazon Prime Feature, please let me know how it is going!

So far my efforts have worked for us and our grocery bill is down about $200. That is a great savings amount that can be applied to debt or placed in an interest-bearing money market account.

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