Adventure is Waiting

The road calls to me like a long-lost friend. Oh, how I long to be out there. There is a pit in my gut that is screaming for adventure. How I wish I could leave today; I cannot, and it is painful. I am painfully aware of my responsibilities to this season.
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Adventure is waiting

I cannot leave today but someday, soon.

Still, adventure awaits. Adventure is mocking me while I sit in my chair and listen to the washing machine shake. A tiny part of me is crying inside as it aches for the great wide – somewhere. I see others fulfilling their dreams whether it is to travel or raise a family or work at their dream job. And yet, my dream continues to be out of reach.

And so, I sit here, listening to adventure calling out.

Adventure is waiting and so am I. What am I waiting for? Money. Timing. Companionship. Permission. The list is endless and yet I sit here waiting for my turn.

Have you ever sat beside a campfire and listened to nature? You just sit there with no distractions; just your thoughts. Nature speaks through the wind, the trees, the birds, and even the fire. It’s peaceful and calm with no one screaming, no kids fighting, no television blaring and best of all – you’re just you.

I had that, for a split second but it was stolen from me. Adventure is waiting for me to come back. I’m trying desperately to get back. How I wish I didn’t have to stay here and pay a mortgage.

Although no one understands; I’m going my own way because adventure is out there, and it is waiting for me. I see it, but it is beyond my reach – for now.

Sooner, rather than later, I will…I must.

Adventure is waiting

Donna L. Patrick

February 25, 2018


Author: Donna

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