National Museum of the Air Force

Donna’s next adventure is the National Museum of the Air Force.

March 4, 2018

Why go to the National Museum of the Air Force? Well, here are a few reasons:

  • I’m an AF veteran
  • It’s a must-see place in Ohio
  • It’s a critical piece of history
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lots to do in the area

This article is not a comparison, a review, or a pros and cons of the Air Force Museum. It is, however, my POV of the trip I took. Get ready for a two-part blog post because there is so much to say about the museum, it can’t all be fit into one post. I highly recommend that you visit the museum and see for yourself just how amazing it is.

Plan to stay a day or two

I could have stayed at the National Museum of the Air Force the entire weekend. There is so much to see and do that there was no way I was going to get it all in with just one, over-night stay in Dayton.

When I first arrived at the museum, I was greeted by this giant sign: 

That National Museum of the Air Force is not just an indoor museum. Visitors will want to take the time to walk around the grounds. There are statues, benches, and markers bestowing honor and remembrance to many organizations.

I went on a Sunday, so the place was crowded, and the parking lot was full. I ended up in what I call, “the back forty”. Definitely, wear your walking shoes. This is no place for high heels or flip-flops. You will do a lot of walking. If you need to get your steps in, go the National Museum of the Air Force. If you can’t walk, rent a motorized cart right on site.

The museum is budget friendly.

Admission is free. You can’t get any more budget friendly than that. There are also free guided tours throughout the day. You don’t have to pay for parking. Even the Toledo art museum charges $7 for parking alone! The Air Force museum is free, but they are happy to take donations. The entire place is run by volunteers. It is a charity that accepts donations, sells goods, and offers fun things to do for a cost. You get to see the displays for free, but you should consider spending your money here because it is how the museum stays in business.

When you walk in, there are photographers that will take your picture in front of a green screen. You later get the option to purchase those photos. I purchased and mine cost $20 (plus tax).

air force one donna and jet

In addition to paying for photos, you can ride in a simulator for $8. There are four to choose from. This can be a lot of fun and give you the feel of flying in a jet. Other items to pay for include a movie. You can sit back and watch a giant screen playing a video about Aircraft Carriers, Fighter Pilots, D-Day and more. You can also purchase your very own personalized dog tags.

The National Museum of the Air Force is family friendly.

I do not recommend that you take small children. This place is HUGE, a whopping one million square feet of space to explore. Kids get bored and tired, even if pushed in a stroller. I witnessed one preschooler having a meltdown. If your kids are into airplanes and military stuff, take them, otherwise, wait until they are a bit older.

This is just the beginning! Standby for part 2 – Tour of the National Museum of the Air Force!

Air Force Museum Displays

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