Part 2 – Tour of the National Museum of the Air Force

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National Museum of the Air Force

Part two continues with a few things that you will see in the National Museum of the Air Force. The entire property is divided into manageable bites. I recommend paying the $5 for the colorful map that shows you where and what you are about to walk into.

Air Force Museum Map

Each display or diorama, if you will, has a description board making it easy to know what you are looking at. The jets are enormous.

Take lots of pictures.

In the National Museum of the Air Force, you’ll see, among so much more, the Wright Brothers inventions, various airplanes from WWII, and Vietnam. There are displays depicting women who not only flew the airplanes but also work in other areas such as the Air Force’s new Cyber division.


Did you know that the first ten women in Air Force history earned jet pilot wings in 1977? Or that female nurses were deployed to Africa in 1942? Neither did I. Women have been serving this country since its inception. These brave women paved the way for me, my friends, and many other females to serve their country in the United States Air Force.

Bob Hope in the National Air Force Museum

Don’t miss out on an amazing display showing all that the late-great Bog Hope did to entertain American troops for 50-years. There are televisions showing videos of him on stage as well as photos, letters, and uniforms. Did you know that President Eisenhower presented Bob Hope with the Medal of Merit in 1946? Please take the time to see what he accomplished. If you don’t know who Bob Hope is, he was an entertainer that I would liken to a modern-day Toby Keith without the hair and the cowboy hat.

In addition to a must-see Bob Hope display, visitors should check out the Holocaust Exhibit.

The Faces of the Holocost in the National Museum of the Air Force

It is both sad and awesome. There are many stories to read about those who lived it and survived. Look at the dioramas that help you picture what it was like back then. A prison uniform that was donated can be seen as well as a video, “Faces of the Holocaust.”

As you walk around the National Museum of the Air Force, you’ll not only see airplanes and how they evolved through time, but you’ll see things like the bombs that those planes dropped.

More than Just Airplanes

I’m particularly interested in these because I was a Munitions Specialist who worked in the bomb dump. Check out what the engines looked like. You will likely be as amazed as I was at the size of the missiles on display in the missile gallery.

Head to building four where you’ll see President Kennedy’s Air Force One in addition to items from the space programs and a research and development gallery.

There is so much to see and do at the National Museum of the Air Force. I would recommend taking this trip in at least two days. If you want to read and see everything, it will require patience and good walking shoes.

Spend Money Support the Museum

Finally, no museum is complete without a gift shop. You must purchase souvenirs to remember your visit. You’ll find everything from clothes to books. There is something for everyone in the family.


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