DIY Home Project

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This week, Donna’s Adventure is a DIY project.

Because overcoming roadblocks to full time RV living is an important part of this blog, I am talking about my latest home DIY project. If I expect to hit the road, the house must be clean, organized, up-to-date, and in order.

The previous owner loved green. Every room has green in it. There are green walls in the master bedroom, front room, kitchen, laundry, and bathroom. Even the carpet was green. It is severely outdated. It must be updated if I am to ever sell, rent, or leave without guilt.

needs updated
Green Carpet and Walls

Updating the brick and mortar home is a roadblock to full-time RV living.

DIY Home Projects

The carpet has been replaced with a salt and pepper grey which I love but now it is time to do some painting. The front room, which is what others may call the formal living room, and the hallway are a very pale green. It is hard to see the green now that the carpet is grey and in fact, the walls just look dirty. I’m taking on the painting of this room and the hallway to create a brighter space.

Everything will be white. White will flow into the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom. Despite what many people think, white is a nice color for the walls in these rooms, especially when natural light is limited. I like white because it is clean, and I can accessorize with any color I want anytime I want.

Bonus: If I decide to sell and live on the road like a gypsy, white is a good selling color.

This weekend I am:

  • painting the walls white
  • creating a work space
  • Decluttering

There is a nice bay window that allows natural light to flow in. A fireplace for aesthetic appeal and my daughter in her corner work space will make this room exactly what I need.

Creative Spaces

I need a space where I can be creative. This is, of course, a DIY project. I take on many projects myself that I should really hire out to professionals. For example, I installed my own garbage disposal after the old one died. I like to learn, I’m stubborn, and on a budget. The natural solution is DIY.

For my DIY home work space: I cleared out the space, moved furniture and de-cluttered. I hate clutter.

At Home Depot I bought white paint and supplies. I stopped by the Dollar Tree to get paint rollers, brushes, and pans. I don’t like to pay high prices for these items because they are difficult to clean. I pay a cheap price so that they can be thrown away after the paint dries out.

I’m a firm believer in taking DIY projects one step at a time, even if that means doing a little bit of the work every day. Friday – shopping, Saturday – clear the room and protect the floor, and Sunday paint. I enlisted the help of my daughters which should help to make the project progress a bit quicker.

The final finished look will take some time. Wall hangings, organizational pieces, and inspirational quotes will come a little bit at a time. For now, I’m pleased with the finished creative space.

creative space

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