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Today, Donna’s Adventure takes her to a Free RV show and open house.

Free RV Shows, I find, are the best way to browse campers, motorhomes, and travel trailers without the sales pressure.


  • They are free to get in which is a bonus for the budget.
  • It is fun to walk around and dream.
  • I can eliminate certain styles from my list.
  • I can compare models, prices, and sizes.
  • Door prizes are always good; if I win, which I never do.


  • I never know when they are going to occur.
  • Usually, I just happen to catch a radio ad that mentions a show.
  • I can’t afford to buy right now.
  • The selection is limited to what that specific dealer is selling which is typically one brand.
  • Sometimes the ad is all hype and the RV Show is boring.

Overall, I recommend attending as many Free RV Shows as you can find. This is a great way to narrow your focus and really get to the heart of what you need and want. You can sit in the driver’s seat, walk around, and look at the storage options. I like to imagine myself living in one. If I don’t like the lay out the minute I walk in, I take it off the list.

No Pressure Sales

Most of the time, at Free RV Shows, there is no sales pressure. If you tell the sales personnel that you heard about the show on the radio and you are just browsing, they will let you look on your own. However, if you are serious and are ready to buy, there will be a person ready to sell you the one you want.

I like the relaxed environment of a Free RV Show. There are lots of people walking around and having fun. Many times, free food is served like hot dogs and chips. (Not that I can eat those)

Door prizes are always worth signing up for as well. You never know what you are going to win. I have never won a door prize yet but that is not why I attend anyway.

Today it is raining but that is not going to stop me from taking my daughter to the Free RV Show and open house.

We love to do this kind of thing together. Because I am still on the fence about whether to get a Class C or a Class A, I need to attend as many of these as I can. Attending free shows is a way to overcome one of the roadblocks to full time RV living. It helps to set a realistic budget for one of these big machines. It’s also a reminder to keep on dreaming and working towards those dreams. New motorhomes are on the market every year and the features keep getting better and better.

One day I will hold a title in my hand. My new RV will be my home away from home. But, until then, I will keep attending Free RV Shows, making lists, and overcoming roadblocks to full time RV living.


I have just returned from the RV show and open house. I’m wet and cold becuase it has been raining all day. Overall, the experience was nice. I found a few Class C motorhomes that I liked but am still in love with the Class A Thor Vegas.  Donna’s Adventure will continue.


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