How Ear Joy earplugs helped my daughter cope

Ear Joy Earplugs
Ear Plug Set I received

Ear Joy Earplugs -an honest review from a mom who cares.

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One roadblock that I must overcome before I can live the life of my dreams is my daughter.

My daughter is on the Autism Spectrum and I must ensure her safety, quality of life, and ability to live on her own before I can begin full-time RV living. I’ve decided to address her sensory issues to see if I can make life a little more comfortable for her.

It is often too loud, too bright, or too crowded for her to handle a given situation. She also has a problem focusing on one task and sticking with it. So I decided to try Ear Joy earplugs to see if they would help her eliminate some of the clutter and focus on her work.

In full disclosure, I was given these Ear Joy ear plugs by this company so that I would write an honest review of them. There are many reasons to need them such as swimming, working with power tools, mowing the lawn, or anywhere that you would need to reduce the noise. The earplugs are made with a 100% Silicone Hypoallergenic material that is both soft and safe. This was very important to me as my daughter would be the one wearing them.

My daughter likes to go to the gym because exercise helps with depression. Her sister takes her and they have a good time together. Often, though, the gym is full of loud and unexpected noises. Music, talking, and footsteps can all sound like bass drum beats in her head and can cause sensory overload.

This is especially true if someone drops a weight or clanks weight plates together.

Ear Joy earplugs are my solution to this problem.

First, the pros.

  • Ear Joy earplugs arrived quickly via Amazon Prime Shipping.
  • My pack contained six sets of earplugs, each one a bit different than the other
  • Each set of earplugs has its own plastic case to keep it separate from the others.
  • I like this type of organization and so does my daughter who finds it difficult to keep things organized.
  • Each Ear Joy earplug fit just fine in her ears
  • They are easy to clean and reuse
  • Using them was easy even for my daughter who does not always have the best dexterity with her fingertips.

The cons.

  • Not all Ear Joy earplugs are created equal.
  • Some worked better at drowning out the noise than others
  • They are small and easy to lose in the bottom of a gym bag
  • The blue one’s sort of stick out as they are mounted on a stick. This would be fine for someone else but my daughter liked this the least.
Ear Joy Earplugs
Wax Ear Plugs
Ear Joy earplugs
Blue ear plug

Overall, my daughter’s experience with the Ear Joy ear plugs was positive.

She found that they did drown out the sounds that keep her from focusing on the task at hand. I had her try every style to see which one worked best. While they all fit in her little ears, she liked the way that the wax plugs formed to her ear and muffled the most sound versus the others that worked minimally.

The next best pair to muffle sound was the black pair. She liked them and this will be the pair I keep in the car just in case we get into a sensory issue while out.



Ranked in order of effectiveness from most effective at muffling sound to least effective:

  1. Wax
  2. Black
  3. Blue
  4. Orange

My final opinion is that these Ear Joy earplugs are truly a great value for the money. The price is very affordable and I will buy them if they get lost or wear out. I would imagine though, that they will last a long time. I’m happy to have found something that helps my daughter cope with the stressful situation and this will give me comfort when I am traveling and she is on her own.

Here is a quote from my daughter after using the Ear Joy Earplugs:

“Having the earplugs in and having sound drowned out helps to focus on what I’m supposed to and even made me sort of hyper-aware visually and to my other senses.”

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