Kick and Scream or Pivot?

To live the life of your dreams, sometimes you must pivot

kick and scream or pivot
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When I was a teenager I was sure that I would be living in a big city as a news broadcaster. Single, loving life, and being successful and of course – rich.

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After high school graduation that quickly faded as the reality of college expenses set in. I went to college for one year and couldn’t afford to go back.

I joined the Air Force and my dreams of becoming a famous broadcaster quickly faded away. While in the AF, I was a munitions inventory specialist. How had I come so far from my dreams of stardom?

Life is often hard and takes us in directions that we never thought we would go. When this happens we have two choices. We can either kick and scream or we can pivot.

Kick and Scream or Pivot?

While in the AF, I guess you could say that I kicked and screamed. I did not make the best of my time in the service. More studying and less partying should have been my agenda. Investing my time in my career instead of in the clubs would have been far more rewarding.

I did take some college classes, make some lifetime friends, and learned valuable skills and for that, I am eternally grateful. I will always hold my time in the AF with high regards. Enlisting was the best decision I could have made and I don’t regret it. Regret comes from getting out after four years and not staying in until retirement.  I did not want to count bombs for the rest of my life so I got out.

kick and scream or pivot?
Best Decision I Ever Made


Had I decided to pivot (make the best of my decision)  I would be retired by now.

Back then I was lost and looking for my place in this world. I was a toddler kicking and screaming my way through life.

Today I am still lost and looking for my place in this world though there is less kicking and screaming.

What’s the difference?


I never imagined that I would be where I am today – A single mom struggling to make ends meet, raising a teen who is on the Autism Spectrum. In my wildest dreams, I never imagined that I would be worried about where my next paycheck would come from. Worst of all, I never imagined that I would once again be an Inventory Specialist.

I work nine months out of the year at the university as, what they call a Receiver. I left the Air Force because I didn’t want to count bombs for the rest of my life and yet now, I am counting pounds of coffee, bags of flour, and cans of beans.

After being married for 19 years, I earned two master’s degrees and yet I am back to that scared little 19-year-old – counting and sorting.

Life threw me a curve ball that I never saw coming but today I choose to PIVOT rather than kick and scream.

I am not looking at my life as though it is over but instead, it is a new opportunity to reinvent myself. I’m on a journey to discover my place in this world – once again. It is a chance to find those talents that were hidden to once again surface. I get to dream and be who I truly am.

The journey of self-discovery is painful but fun. When I go in one direction I realize that it is not where I want to be so I pivot. A pivot is not a failure but a chance to find another way to succeed.

How often do you find yourself up against something that is blocking your path? What do you do?

kick and scream or pivot?
Something is always in the way

A roadblock is not always a no, it is often a chance to pivot and find a better way. History of full of stories of famous inventors who had to pivot repeatedly before their inventions worked.

How will you approach your next roadblock?

Will you see it as a failure or as a chance to pivot?

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