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I love using Ibotta and I think you will too! This is the best app that I have used for many years.

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Ibotta is an app that pays you back for shopping. I liken it to using coupons only you get the money back once you have at least $20 built up in your account.

Who wouldn’t want $20 cash back just for buying items you would ordinarily purchase?

Ibotta is for anyone who clips coupons, likes a good deal, or could use a bit of extra cash. Does that sound like you? Click here and download the Ibotta app to begin receiving a bonus for your purchases.

Shoppers needn’t worry about a cumbersome app that is difficult to use. Follow the prompts to download and register your new account. Do a simple search at stores where you buy groceries, clothing, and other goods.

You can scan for specific food items. For example, the other day I needed Dog Chow brand dog food. This stuff is about $25 for 50 pounds. I simply opened my Ibotta app, clicked on the magnifying glass, and typed in Dog Chow. The results showed plenty of dog food options and other pet care products.

Another way to search is to click on the store where you are shopping. This is a fun way to browse all the options. You may find an item that you didn’t know you needed.

Kroger is one of my favorite stores.

There is $.50 back on Heinz Mayo, $1.50 back for Dove Beauty Bars, $1. back on All Fabric Softener, $2 back on beer, and, among so much more you can get $.75 back on yogurt.

Once your shopping trip is complete, don’t forget to keep your receipt, you’ll need this to claim your purchases. Scan the Q code or take a picture of the receipt and watch your purchases populate. Follow the prompts on the screen and wait for your purchases to be verified. Finally, watch your profits climb.

In addition to Kroger, there are stores like Walmart, Meijer, CVS, Target, Walgreens and more. Do your shopping online? Don’t forget your app because you can get money back at sites like Amazon, eBay, and Groupon.

Perhaps saving $.25 seems to be too little for you to bother but remember that you are getting $.25 simply for buying any grocery item – which is another coupon in your app. Ask yourself what you can do with an additional $20+.

I shop for organic, gluten and dairy free items, and I purchase very few things in a box and I have managed to make $131.48 in six months.

If you buy for a large family, imagine how much you can make just by shopping for the items your family already purchases.

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