Are You Facing a Physical Challenge Roadblock?

Physical Roadblock
Modern Technology Heart Monitor

Climbing over the roadblock of physical limitations is an ongoing struggle.

It is not a simple physical roadblock because the physical limitations are exacerbated by mental roadblocks. Mentally, it is a struggle to propel myself forward and avoid physical problems brought on by mental despair.

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Today I drove myself the hour and 15 minutes to Ann Arbor, Michigan. The VA medical center is located that far away while a simple VA medical clinic is in Toledo. I must drive this far when I need to see a specialist of any kind. I try not to complain because there are others who must driver further still.

Physical Roadblock
Attaches Directly to Skin

Today was an easy appointment.

Admittedly I should not have driven myself that far, however, I have no one else to take me. I fought off the voice in my head that said, “you can’t do this,” and pressed on. The appointment was made quickly and I know from experience that it is always best to take the first available appointment.

I arrived at the medical center, parked, and road the elevator to the 7th floor. The cardiology clinic I needed was right off the elevator so I didn’t have much walking to do. I checked in and sat down. Expecting a long wait, I pulled out my Kindle to read a book. However, I read two pages and was called back.

In a matter of minutes I was wired up and back on the road.

Physical Roadblock
Exterior Case that Holds a Microchip

Much to my dismay, the heart monitor must be worn for 21 days. I thought I’d be strapped to it for only three. Thank God for modern technology as this monitor is easy. To begin with, there is a plastic mount that holds a microchip. The backing is sticky and simply attached directly to my skin.

No wires.

I must carry a cell phone that acts as a receiver. If I have an event I simply press a button, answer questions, and send it off. It’s that simple.

I left the VA and headed to Whole Foods for a snack.

Physical Roadblock
Cell Phone Receiver


I was out of the car and grabbing a shopping cart when I realized that I already left the phone/receiver in the car. Ugh, back to the car for the receiver and then a quick stroll through Whole Foods.

The struggle to overcome the roadblock of physical limitations is real.

It is not just the fact that I may have a heart condition that scares me – it is the fear itself that triggers an episode. Have you ever had a panic attack that made you feel like you were having a heart attack and then you panic more because you think you’re in big trouble?

That feeling is my physical limitations roadblock. I must learn to relax and talk myself out of panic, anxiety, worry, and frustration.

The roadblock to physical limitations is mental in addition to physical.

I’ve read that many things can help:

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Spiritual care
  • Massage therapy
  • Tai Chi
  • A good night’s sleep
  • Prayer
  • Fun
  • Laughing
  • Healthy eating

What do you do to take care of yourself and avoid panic and worry?


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