Are You Facing a Medical Roadblock?

medical roadblockThe medical roadblock may never end for some but for others, it is overcome and done. It seems to me, it continues to get in the way.

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Many people, including me, have a dream.

That dream may be far away or it may be just beyond a door that you need to open. In my life, that door is beyond this medical condition that I call a roadblock.

I went to the doctor this week and she informed me that I need to take a specific medication that will raise my blood pressure. My bp is too low and it is causing problems. The medical roadblock in my life is blocking me from reaching that door and opening it.

I dream of hitting the road and traveling in an RV. Living on the road fulltime sounds adventurous and exciting. I can’t get myself to the library without having “an episode” as I’ve dubbed it.

How can I drive a super-sized Class A motorhome around this beautiful country?

A medical roadblock stands in my way of living the life I’ve always dreamed of and I need to find a way over it. One might argue that taking the medication that the doctor prescribed would do the trick but you see, I hate pharmaceuticals. Drugs are nothing more than a band-aid for what is truly going on inside of my body.

I need to fix the problem and not with drugs that mask what is really failing me.

The medical roadblock that ails me is my adrenals and thyroid. You see, I have been operating at high speed for over ten years now. I’ve never given my body a break. My fight or flight response is out of gas. It is my intent to take the necessary steps to heal my adrenals and thyroid naturally.

I told my doctor that I hate drugs and that it is only a band-aid.

Her response, “I agree but right now you have a gaping wound and you need a band-aid.”

I’m reluctant to take this medication but I am also tired of having these episodes. During an episode, my BP drops low. Sometimes it reads in the normal range like 113/81 but other times it falls to 57/36. This is dangerous because I could pass out. What if I passed out while doing something important like driving or standing on a step ladder? When you are 5-feet tall, step ladders are a very important part of life.

Do I take the pharmaceutical that I so desperately hate? What would you do?

In addition to taking this medication, I must devise a game plan that will heal my adrenals and thyroid. If I am to overcome this medical roadblock then I must take steps such as this:

  • Pray and read the Word of God
  • Incorporate daily relaxation techniques such as controlled breathing
  • Go for short walks around the block
  • Change my diet (again)
  • Avoid stressors
  • Abstain from strenuous workouts because they will only task the adrenals more
  • Read and educate myself on natural remedies
  • Spend time having tea with friends
  • Focus my efforts in areas where it counts the most
  • Say no to activities that are stressful
  • Use Essential Oils

My doctor said to find a program that I like and follow it. In other words, there are many doctors and nutritionists who have an opinion about how to heal the thyroid and the adrenals. I need to find one that I trust without over-analyzing or researching it to death. This is called analysis paralysis and I suffer from it greatly.

To overcome this medical roadblock, I’ve chosen to follow Dr. Josh Axe. I have taken his quiz and I have “stressed-gut”.  Subscribe today and follow me and my journey on the Leaky Gut diet that will heal my adrenals and thyroid so that I can overcome this medical roadblock and get on with living the life of my dreams.


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