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My New Luggage

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New Luggage

When beginning your travel adventure, you will need to get new luggage. You may already have a bag or suitcase, but it is fun to pick out new luggage, especially if it has been a while since you’ve purchased any. If you are still using the suitcase that was handed down to you by your parents, it might be time to get out there and see what’s new!

During my National Museum of the Air Force Trip

I used an old blue suitcase. This is one that was used for the last 10 years. It came as a set and I have no idea where the rest of it is. That is not the only thing wrong with my not-so-new luggage.

The problem also lies with the color: blue. It looked like all the other suitcases on the turnstile. With all the excitement of seeing something new, the nervousness of air travel, and the jet lag, I was having a hard time determining which case was mine. The sea of blue and black was overwhelming.

I recommend getting new luggage that is like nobody else’s. Think vibrant colors: pink, light green, or gold. Consider luggage with embossed shapes, a colorful strap, and any other distinguishing markings. Bumper stickers may be a little outdated, but hey – whatever works.

Before you run out and buy the most expensive suitcase you can find there are things to consider.

  • New FAA regulations
  • Weight
  • What size is most appropriate?
  • What is your favorite color?
  • Do you need a whole set or just one suitcase?
  • Must your bags all match or do you prefer to mix and match?
  • Hard case or soft?
  • Are you packing for one or two?
  • Does Branding matter to you?
  • What is your budget?


With these questions and answers in mind, it is time to think about where you will do your shopping for the new luggage. could be a cost-effective place to start. I like to shop at Amazon for most things online. Consider going to your favorite department store. I recommend TJ Maxx for name brand luggage at discounted pricing. (I am not an affiliate of TJ Maxx) That is where I purchased my new and might I add, lovely new luggage.

I was so excited the day I decided to buy new luggage.

I went directly to TJ Maxx and shopped the clearance bags. I’m not really picky about brands. I know that some are better than others, but I

don’t need a designer label. I wanted new luggage that stood out but also reflected my personality. I scoured the racks opening and closing all

the bags that interested me until I found one that was perfect.

It rarely happens

I rarely find what I am looking for the first time I go out shopping. For my travels, I need a bag for air and car. I need a bag that stands out and is like no other. I wanted one that I would know in an instant – That’s mine! What I found is an adorable suitcase.

I’m a lone traveler so I don’t need new luggage to be big. I try to travel light but definitely need room for my boots. My ultimate goal is RV travelling and for this, I will not need a suitcase so for now, my case is small but efficient. I have no need for hairdryers, curling irons, or a large beauty bag.

A small cosmetic bag for makeup, travel sized shampoo, conditioner and gel is just enough; a bar of soap and I’m all packed! Well, I do need clothes and my boots. Each compartment is just big enough for a couple of nights away. If I carry only one pair of boots I have more room for clothes. Let’s face it though, I’d rather make room for more boots!

What type of bag to do you carry when you travel?

Rucksack or backpack? A matching set of suitcases? Hard or soft case?

Are you planning to buy new luggage soon?

Let me know what works for you!

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