Have you ever felt like your heart was a butterfly?

Fluttering Heart


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Well, it happened.

I had an anxiety attack. It wasn’t fun and in fact, it was quite scary.

Last night I woke myself up about 5 times gasping for air and feeling my heart fluttering away. Have you ever felt like your heart was a butterfly? The fluttering is scary. Is it a heart attack? Not likely.

Life has been stressful and for those of you who are single parents, you get it. Single parenting is no joke. It’s often a nightmare. You see, I went to bed angry at my daughter – perhaps that was my first mistake. Having an anxiety attack in the middle of the night was not fun.

I want everyone to know that life coaches don’t necessarily have it all together. We just have been through some stuff and gotten past it. Can I confess something? I struggle with the issue of “good enough.” It causes me to have anxiety attacks when I least expect it.

Good Enough

Am I good enough? Most days I believe I am. It is those days when I feel worthless that hit me like a truck and knock me down. Today I have done my fair share of crying. After 5 panic attacks, I woke up and discovered that I may no longer have a job after December. More panic sets in. What the heck is going on?

Am I alone in this?

The phrase, good enough is led by “I’m not” and followed by “I’ll never be.”

Insert Anxiety Attack Here

The truth is – I am good enough and I will be okay – even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. I often feel like my heart is a butterfly but that doesn’t mean that my life is a mess. It means that I am working something else out. It could mean that I need help, that I need to relax, or that I am taking on things that don’t belong to me.

Having an anxiety attack can feel like a heart attack especially when my heart flutters like a beautiful butterfly. The episode is not beautiful, but it is something that I can learn from.

  • Take a timeout
  • Get more sleep
  • Massage therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Detox bath
  • A night out with the girls
  • Take a day off
  • Go on a date
  • See a therapist
  • Have some fun
  • Take a trip
  • Spend some time alone

What things do you do when life is causing your heart to flutter- and not in a good way?

If you suffer from anxiety attacks, what are your coping skills?

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