What to get a teen for their 17th birthday?


What to get a teen for their 17th birthday?

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What do you do when your teenager turns 17? It’s their birthday and you want to surprise them with something different. They only turn 17 once and next year they will be adults. Your teen has everything, and you are bored with old ideas. Their room is cluttered with “stuff” that will likely end up in next summer’s yard sale.

I’m Glad You Asked

  • Forget a car – that’s just crazy
  • Video games turn your brain to mush
  • Don’t buy clothes because no 17-year-old wants something for their birthday that they can get all year long.
  • A big party – you work too hard to spend your money on everyone else’s kids!
  • A movie – Nah, that is not engaging.

In my opinion, the best thing to get a teen for their 17th birthday is an adventure! Take them on a road trip. Spend time with your teen because time is priceless and something that you will never get back. Create memories.

Why should I take my 17-year-old on an adventure?

  1. Quality time
  2. Laughter
  3. Distraction-free
  4. It may never happen again
  5. They are getting older and you both need this
  6. Create an unforgettable memory
  7. It’s fun
  8. You’ll spend your money on your own kid
  9. You’ll never regret undivided time spent with your child
  10. Soon they will be living on their own and you’ll be begging for even an hour with them

The answer to the question, what to get your teen for their 17th birthday, is ADVENTURE! Show them a good time. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune like Disney World, in fact, I don’t recommend a major theme park at all.

Carefully choose the right adventure for your teen

Select a location that is close to home. 1-3 hours of driving is plenty of time in the car for a short getaway. The location should be someplace where THEY want to go. Remember, this is not your birthday so don’t take them to a basket factory, Amish country, or a historical museum (unless that’s their jam).

Don’t make the adventure about you! I’m taking my daughter out of town because she needs to get out of the house, away from the dogs, chores, and homework. She needs adventure almost as much as I do.

I chose to take my daughter to Dayton because it is only two hours from home. I booked a hotel and disconnected from work and siblings. I selected one amazing activity and a few small ones. My teen is difficult to please but at the same time very easy to please. I wanted to show her a good time and give her my full attention. I left my laptop at home and instead brought a board game. We checked into the hotel, did some minor Christmas shopping and then went out to eat at her restaurant of choice.

17th birthday
don’t buy dogs when you have three already!

After splurging on steak dinners, we headed to the pet store and played with some puppies. It was hard to walk away from the French Bulldog, but I did. Back at the hotel, it was still early but we were tired. We played Scattergories and “Would You Rather.” Just before bed, we watched Toy Story on Freeform.

It was a great day!

We talked about her future, college, and learning how to drive. We talked about food, traveling, and pets. We engaged in a real conversation that had meaning and not just yeah or nah answers.

The following day, I woke up early, as usual and there I sat at four am with no laptop. I showered and meandered downstairs in search of coffee, a pen, and paper. I am a writer and she needed sleep, so I sat quietly in the café sipping coffee and writing away.

The 17th birthday adventure wasn’t over yet.

We had breakfast at Bob Evans and headed to the main attraction – Scene 75 Entertainment Center. Boy were we in for some major fun. This is the place my teen wanted to spend her birthday. I didn’t complain because we had so much fun laughing, talking, and shooting dinosaurs!

I spent way too much money, but I have no regrets. This birthday was about my daughter. It was about spending quality time that she will never forget. I took video of her navigating a laser maze, watched her beat the piano game, and pass me on the go-cart track.

Mission accomplished!

The next time you ask yourself, what to get my teen for their 17th birthday – remember that the answer is ADVENTURE!

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