Is decorating for Christmas really all that much fun?

Decorating for Christmas

Is decorating for Christmas really all that much fun?

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When I was a young mother I thoroughly enjoy decorating for Christmas. In fact, I recall a specific Christmas in Japan. My husband was at work and I was at home hanging lights in the bay window. I was 38 weeks pregnant. It was hilarious because my husband called and asked what I was doing. He freaked out! He wasn’t very happy with me especially when I told him that I was having contractions! He rushed home and took me to the hospital where I spent the next 36 hours in labor with my first born, December 11, 1997.

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Christmas with young children is an amazing time of the year. It’s the bright eyes, innocent excitement, and sweet smiles that make Christmas morning so much fun. I remember seeing their little faces as they stumbled down the steps. Their mouths were wide open. However, when you are older, is it still that exciting?

Is decorating for Christmas really all that much fun when you are a single mom of an adult child and a teenager? I would argue that no, it is not. Decorating for Christmas is just another chore. There has to be a way to streamline this job and still enjoy the season.

decorating the tree with adult children

What do you do for Christmas decorations?

I told my kids that I was going to get a 2-foot tree for our bay window and they had a fit. They drug the Christmas decorations down out of the attic and made this mess:

Christmas Decorating Mess

There weren’t enough lights to fill the tree, so they left. The front room is a disaster and I hate clutter. It’s this type of mess that causes me stress. Clutter is a trigger and that is why I don’t like decorating for Christmas. My house is too small for all of this stuff.

When I bought my house, as a single mother with one child left at home, I was happy to have a simple tree, a few lights, and stockings on the mantle. It was tasteful and clutter-free. Since then, though, my oldest daughter has moved in along with her boyfriend; and all of their stuff.

My once small, cozy, and clutter-free home has become a disaster. For me to answer the question: Is decorating for Christmas really all that much fun? I would answer no, no it is not. Is there a way to snap my fingers and have it all done? It could be put away with the wink of an eye. The floor mess cleaned up, the carpets vacuumed, and my stress level reduced, all with one whisper. Then I would enjoy decorating for Christmas.

almost done

Nope, that doesn’t happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday and season. I love the smells, lights, and the atmosphere. I also like shopping for my kids and seeing their happy faces when they open their presents. I just assumed that when I got older it would get easier. Boy was I wrong. Even adult children want to recreate the magic of Christmas.

Is decorating for Christmas really all that much fun?

I suppose I could suck it up and just dive in. It should be a fun family event and not the chore that it feels like. Perhaps I should bake cookies and make hot chocolate. No, that would just make another mess for me to clean up. For now, I will take a deep breath and pray for the best.

Soon the kids will be back with more lights. They will finish the tree and we can all add decorations together. This is probably a good time to ask for wine for Christmas.

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