Mary, a Woman of Extraordinary Faith


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Mary’s Extraordinary Faith

As a mother, my heart is breaking for Mary the mother of Jesus. What was she thinking as she carried the Christ in her womb? Was she afraid? Was Mary’s extraordinary faith enough?

Did Mary suffer from the same anxiety that we suffer from today? Looking through the eyes of a mother I can only imagine the anxiety she could have felt. I know that when my own children are in danger, pain, or even just sad, my heart hurts for them. I want to fix it. It hurts when I can’t rescue them from a situation. What was Mary thinking?

Was Mary’s extraordinary faith enough? Did Mary have an anxiety attack every time she saw a Roman soldier? Was she always worried that someone would steal her precious baby Jesus? Could she have wondered every day, “is today the day?” I often wonder if God continued to speak to Mary as he did when Gabriel delivered that first message. I wonder if God spoke softly to her so that she didn’t have panic attacks like I do when I think about what will happen to my own children.

Mary Endured

Jesus is the savior of the world. Mary knew that he was special, but did she really know what he was going to do? I would think not because if so, I’m not sure she could have endured. Mary is an extraordinary woman of faith. I would argue that she had faith and favor equal to if not more than that of Abraham, Joseph, David, and Esther, even Peter and Paul. But would God expect her to endure knowing that her son would be crucified?

I doubt that Mary knew the gravity of the situation. When I think back to the time when my oldest daughter had surgery on her feet, I was so worried. I was concerned about anesthesia, pain, and mobility. I hated that my child was going through this. Surgery is nothing compared to what Jesus suffered but I’m not comparing the suffering of Jesus as much as a mother’s compassion for her children. If I can’t stand the thought of my children being in pain for one minute how could Mary endure?

I hate to see my daughters in emotional pain. My youngest is on the Autism spectrum and also deals with anxiety and depression regularly. It breaks my heart. I wonder what she’ll do as an adult. Will she always need me? I cry. I call on Jesus for help. My friends pray. I want to rescue her and make it all better. What did Mary do?

Mary’s Extraordinary Faith Made Her a Warrior

The mother of our Lord and Savior was a woman of extra-ordinary faith. She believed God, trusted Him, and walked the path that He chose for her. I consider myself a strong woman. I’m full of faith. A warrior? Yes, I think so. But to do what Mary did? I’m not so sure that I am strong enough for that.

When I’m down and out I look at the faith of Mary the mother of Jesus as an example of strength, courage, and faith. To live that life, she must have carried a heavy yoke.

Mary Follows Jesus

When it comes down to it, was Mary all that different from you and me? She must have been a woman of great virtue, purity, and faith. She trusted God with all her heart, soul, and mind. She followed God’s leading as she nurtured her son. She followed her son when he began his ministry. Mary’s faith led her to the foot of the cross, just as it should lead all of us. Mary never left Jesus’ side. A mother watched her son die a brutal death as he carried the sins of the world on his shoulders. What was Mary thinking?

Her heart must have broken. Surely, she cried allowed God begging for mercy from the pain in her gut. I think that Mary must have mourned for three days. After that, God answered her prayers. We don’t really know what Mary did after Jesus. As a mother, I can only imagine that she continued to tell the good news to anyone who would listen.

Mary was a girl, chosen by God, to carry a weight that no one else could carry. I’ve had my own yoke that I know others could not have carried. What are you carrying today? Has God given you a burden to bear that you’re not sure if you can handle? I’m here to tell you that you are strong enough or God would not have chosen you to carry it.

There is a way to make your burden lighter – give it to Jesus. Fall at His feet, cry out and ask Him to carry your load. He will. He has. He is.

Matthew 11:28-30 (NIV)

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

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