Adventurous Single Living

adventerous single living
Make your own path

Adventurous Single Living! Dare I say that living single can be an adventure? Consider your daily activities, parenting style, vacation dreams, and work-life. Is there adventure in there somewhere?

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My life has been one big adventure but I am not ready for it to end just yet! Adventurous single living is on my agenda.

I’ve gone from living under my parent’s roof to a college dorm then back under the parent’s roof until – off I went into the wild blue yonder – I joined the Air Force. Adventurous single living started way back then.

After my 4 years of service, I got married and began another adventure. Florida, Japan, Hawaii, and Alabama brought tales too many to mention. Having kids and building a family is an adventure that made me a proud mama.

I am no longer married. I’m single but still ready for adventure. Being a single mom has not quenched my thirst for adventure and it should not hinder yours either! Divorce is yet another beginning to adventurous single living.

Adventerous Single Living
Get up Get Going


If you think that divorce is the end, think again.

Flip the switch, move on with your life, and begin to dream again.

  • Did something awful happen? Most likely.
    Is it the end of an era? Yes.
    Is your life over? Absolutely not!

If you have found yourself on the losing side of divorce it is time to look at life from a fresh perspective. Take a deep breath and join me on amazing single living adventures. Whether you are solo-attending a movie, at the theater or spending the weekend at a vineyard, you are sure to get inspired.

You are welcome to follow my lead or pound out your own path. If you are single and parenting, you may have more challenges than those without little ones. I have children but that has not stopped me from dreaming. Remember, you are the example for your kids. Decide if you want them to see you living out your dreams or complaining that you are never going to dream again.

Our lives are not over, no matter what age we are. It’s never too late to get up and get out. Begin adventurous single living today, whether it’s taking a class to learn a new hobby or jumping on a plane and going to a new country. The sky is the limit.

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