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Money Matters
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Money matters which means that finances are a major source of stress in the lives of most people today. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you have – there is always a problem.

If you have too much money, you likely would never admit it. When you have too little, you are probably complaining about it. In either case,

Stress is Inevitable.

What if I told you that you could eliminate or at least drastically reduce the stress associated with money matters and finances? There are tips, tricks, and steps that you can take to help reduce the amount of stress you are placing on yourself when it comes to money.

Money matters but it isn’t the end game, the source of happiness, or even the ultimate prize. The truth is, while we need money to keep a roof over our heads, we do not need the piles of money that many wish to have, thinking that it is what will bring significance or achievement.

Would I like to be a millionaire? Of course, the answer is yes, who wouldn’t? I think the question should be, “what would you do with a million dollars?”

Million Dollar Money Matters

Your first response should be to pay your taxes because the IRS will be after you if you don’t. That is a whole other problem for which you will need professional advice from a tax accountant and maybe even a lawyer. Please, pay your taxes.

The next response should be to render unto God what is God’s. Pay your tithe. 10% is all He asks of you and that is not too much to expect to give.


Finally, once you pay your taxes and your tithe the amount you have left will likely pay off your mortgage, your car loan, and a credit card or two. You might be surprised to know that with a high cost of living a million dollars in cold hard cash doesn’t go as far as one might think. I guess it all depends on your perspective.

Money Matters Perspective

My thoughts are this: Without a mortgage or any other kind of debt I can afford to live the life I’ve always dreamed of. With a million dollars to pay off my house and put my daughter through college, I can afford to buy my RV and live a life of adventure. Of course, I will still have to work to buy food and pay for expenses. A million dollars is not enough to retire on, at least not yet because when you do the math most of your millions are given to the government.

Does that mean that one million dollars isn’t a worthy payout? Of course, not but think about how far your paycheck would stretch if you didn’t have a mortgage or car payment. Consider payday after groceries and utilities; now what would you do with your money?

Money doesn’t buy happiness or eliminate stress, but it can ease the burden and make life a whole lot more fun. You don’t need millions to make this happen. Stick with me, subscribe to my emails, and you’ll soon find out how you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of with no debt, little stress, and lots of fun!